Bequest Language

Here at the Santa Barbara Foundation, we are honored to continue your legacy in the way you see fit. It’s our vision that bequests lift the communities in Santa Barbara County and give future generations more opportunity to grow, thrive and someday use your legacy as an inspiration to start their own.

A bequest may be:

  • a specific sum
  • a percentage of the donor’s estate
  • or the residue of the estate

A bequest may consist of:

  • cash
  • securities
  • life insurance proceeds
  • real estate or other property


A bequest may be made through a will or through a living trust, and should be written as follows:

“To the Santa Barbara Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation with its principal offices located at 1111 Chapala Street Santa Barbara, California, 93101 for the use and benefit of the charitable organization as defined herein_______________________________________[specify use] or _______________________________________________[for the general use and purposes of the charitable organization].”