Open a Fund

Giving Your Way

Establish a charitable account to support the causes or organizations you care about.

Working with our philanthropic consultants allows you to examine your options and make the choices that fit your needs and desires. We offer personalized consultations to make your charitable vision a reality.

At your discretion, your fund may start small and grow; may be given over time; may be a targeted investment or an unrestricted gift. Creating a fund also eliminates the difficulty and expense of opening and running a private foundation.

Fund Options

Donor Advised Fund

This easy-to-manage fund allows you to give to causes you care about, at your own pace.

Donor Designated Fund

Give to the organizations you care about most.

Field of Interest Fund

You chose the area or issue you wish to support, we find an effective team to deliver results.

Supporting Organization

Offers maximum flexibility without the need to set up a private foundation.


For any fund, you select your investment option – to achieve maximum return, minimal risk, or maximum social and environmental outcomes.

Funds can also be established as part of your legacy or estate planning. For more information on setting up a fund that will impact our county in the future, learn about Leaving a Legacy.


Contact our team to help you with your specific needs.