Black Resiliency Fund

Disparities in housing, education, health and employment have created inequalities that effect many Black families across the United States. The California Central Coast is not exempt from these disparities and in some areas, such as housing, Black families may be at greater risk.

In partnership with the Santa Barbara Foundation, the California Central Coast Black Resiliency Fund (C3BRF) was established upon the belief that everyone in our community should have an equal opportunity to thrive. C3BRF will support 501C3 organizations that develop and expand economic opportunities for Black communities across the Central Coast with a focus on initiatives that help to close the gap in equity and opportunity in 4 main areas:

  1. Housing
  2. Economic Development
  3. Healthcare
  4. Education

Support our Black families in need of help across the California Central Coast by donating to the California Central Coast Black Resiliency Fund (C3BRF). Your donation could make a big difference!

For additional information, please contact Jessica Sanchez, Director of Donor Relations, at