COVID-19 Recovery and Rebuilding for Santa Barbara County

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June 15, 2021 marked a hopeful transition for our state and our community with the safe reopening of California. Similarly, the COVID-19 Joint Response Effort grant program is also embarking on a thankful change as we transition our focus from disaster response to the recovery and rebuilding of our county. With this new direction, we would like to thank all the generous donors of the COVID-19 Joint Response Effort Funders Collaborative who have contributed to the grant program and made this transition possible. As a result of their thoughtfulness, we were able to provide immediate resources to hundreds of amazing nonprofit organizations through 254 grant awards when our community was most vulnerable and in need. We would also like to take this opportunity to especially thank our partners in this year and a half effort, the Hutton Parker Foundation, United Way of Santa Barbara County, as well as our committee members without whom this work would not have been possible.  As the COVID-19 Joint Response Effort grant program shifts its focus to recovery and rebuilding, the Santa Barbara Foundation continues to support the community through our community grant programs and other opportunities.

Nonprofit organizations serving Santa Barbara County can apply for a grant up to $25,000. The priority areas and the proposal deadlines for the recovery and rebuilding phase of the COVID-19 Joint Response Effort grant program are listed below. Where there are substantial shifts in policy and government funding, the Foundation will update the priorities for each grant cycle.

  • Focus on behavioral health needs, with an emphasis on addressing youth behavioral health.
  • Focus on housing loss prevention.
  • Focus on maintaining 0-5 child care capacity with an emphasis on communicating resources and connecting parents to them.
  • Focus on addressing senior issues such as social isolation, nutritional needs, and delayed health care needs.

Also, with this shift, applications will no longer be on a rolling deadline, but instead have application deadlines in the Summer with the possibility of a second cycle in the Fall. Applicants may apply in more than one cycle annually under certain circumstances. Applications should be focused on programs for recovery and rebuilding only. Please contact staff to discuss your proposal before applying. The next grant cycle will open on July 26, 2021 and will have an August 30, 2021 deadline. The application is accessible via the grants portal  

Due to these changes, we anticipate organizations having questions, so we encourage you to reach out to our staff with questions  at We are also happy to speak to you in-depth about your ideas for this opportunity.

If your organization received a 2020 COVID-19 Joint Response Effort grant the final reporting submission is complete. If your organization received a 2021 COVID-19 Joint Response Effort grant you will receive your survey in lieu of a final report in October 2021.

Thank You,

The Community Engagement Team


Members of the COVID-19 Joint Response Effort

We are deeply grateful to the generous individuals, businesses, and foundations who have stepped forward to help our neighbors in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to view the members of the COVID-19 Joint Response Effort for Santa Barbara County.

COVID-19 Response Grant Recipients

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted our community and the nonprofit sector in Santa Barbara County. The COVID-19 response grant program was a part of the COVID-19 Joint Response Effort for Santa Barbara County and supported organizations that were actively engaged in COVID-19 assistance efforts.

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