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Be a Champion for Santa Barbara County

Since 1928, the Santa Barbara Foundation has been a catalyst for positive change in our communities. We lead by promoting innovation, convening key players to work together, investing in those best suited to solve problems, and advocating for the needs of our residents. Like all great work, we don’t do it alone. We need your business’s support.

Community Champions invest in Santa Barbara County by making donations of $1,000 minimum to our Community Engagement Fund. This provides the most flexible support, allowing us to deploy dollars in the community where they are most needed. As a community foundation, we have over 90 years of community expertise. We are knowledgeable about the most pressing needs of Santa Barbara County, and of the organizations best equipped to help. Your gift will be strategically invested to maximize community impact.

Community Champions receive recognition on our website and in our annual report, and are invited to SBF events throughout the year.


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