Corporate Advised Funds

Receive tax benefits in your most profitable years, support your
community every year.


A Corporate Advised Fund (CAF) provides you with immediate tax benefits and allows you to support your charities of choice through grant recommendations – on your own timetable. You will receive the maximum tax deduction in the year the contribution is made.

How does a Corporate Advised Fund work?

  • Open a charitable account with an initial gift to the Santa Barbara Foundation, who will steward the fund.
  • You recommend grantees/nonprofits that will benefit from your funds. Our team of knowledgeable philanthropic advisors are here to help you identify nonprofit organizations and make grant decisions.
  • We do our due diligence to ensure that grantees are qualified and distribute grants from your fund to eligible nonprofits.

What are the benefits of a Corporate Advised Fund?

  • You receive immediate tax benefits, and can make grants on your own schedule.
  • It provides you with a low-cost, flexible giving vehicle that is easy to establish.
  • You can give complex or unusual assets at fair market value, including cash, real estate, closely-held stock, bonds and mutual funds, etc.
  • There are no annual minimum distribution requirements, unlike private foundations.
  • You’ll have access to our team of community experts, who can help you make decisions on the best use of your philanthropic funds.



Investment Fees incurred include advisor fees, mutual fund fees, direct manager fees, and custody fees. All funds pay their proportionate share of these fees. For details, please contact the Philanthropic Services department.

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