Give Together

Feed The Valley

Since March 2020 our restaurant and business has been turned upside down like the rest of the world with both this pandemic and economic recession.
We quickly made it our mission to retain our staff and make sure that they had money in their pockets during this confusing and stressful time. We successfully transitioned to a takeout/delivery model but with an understanding that it would only get us and our staff so far.

Multiple people presented an idea that would allow our staff to continue working and to reach more of those in need. Many guests wanted to help us, and at the same time give back to the greater community. We have spoken with friends and representatives of hospitals, family service agencies, and local foundations to get an idea of what has been especially difficult during this time.

We found that while we need to continue to focus on the well-being of those in healthcare, most importantly it is the elderly community and underprivileged families that need to be addressed. We want to pair with existing organizations that have a access to these communities and help supplement and distribute a healthy and substantial meal to those in need.

The goal of Feed the Valley is to continue to keep our staff employed in a healthy and safe manner and pave the way for other restaurants in the area to help feed and nourish those that need it most. We hope you will join us in this effort to keep Santa Ynez Valley healthy and well fed.

Greg and Daisy Ryan
Bell’s Restaurant
Los Alamos, CA