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Give to support justice and human rights for Asian-Americans

Attacks on Asian-Americans, many of them elderly, have no place in our communities and we need to act now to stop them. In response, Sonos is matching employee donations to support justice and human rights for Asian-Americans.

We recognize that this discrimination has a long history in U.S. society and is not a new development. We also recognize that the Asian-American community is diverse and does not represent only one culture — but racism is a blunt instrument that ignores this diversity.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice

AAJC is rooted in the dreams of immigrants and inspired by the promise of opportunity, Asian Americans Advancing Justice. AAJC advocates for an America in which all Americans can benefit equally from, and contribute to, the American dream. Our mission is to advance the civil and human rights for Asian Americans and to build and promote a fair and equitable society for all. Advancing Justice | AAJC is a national 501 (c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1991 in Washington, D.C. Every dollar counts. Thank you for your generosity.

Your donation goes to the Sonos Foundation, which we will pass on 100% to the Emergency Fund for Asian Americans Advancing Justice.