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Carlin Dunne Foundation

Son, brother, teammate, friend. Fearless competitor and devoted mentor. Carlin played endless roles, always leading with the same unmistakable charisma, unwavering calm, and signature twinkle in his eye. Whether racing on blacktop or in Baja, he led with the same fiercely competitive spirit, loving heart, and unwavering dedication. Destined for a life on two wheels, Carlin developed a lifelong obsession with perfecting his craft. Instilled with dreams of becoming a racer, filmmaker, and stuntman, he remained humble and gracious as his career took a meteoric trajectory.

While his list of achievements on two wheels stretches for miles, arguably Carlin’s greatest accomplishment during his short time on earth was the positive impact that he had on the lives of everyone he came across. His passion for racing was truly connected to his passion and care for family and friends. Carlin lived every moment to the absolute max. He was kind, genuine, and so full of life.

Renowned for taking fellow riders under his wing, mentorship came second nature to Carlin Dunne. Whether showing youngsters the ropes or simply embodying a life lived at full throttle, he had an unmistakable knack for bringing outsiders into the fold, exemplifying love, kindness, and camaraderie along the way.

Upon his passing the Carlin Dunne Foundation has been created to carry on his legacy by aiding in the development of preventative resources and rehabilitation programs to support extreme sport athletes diagnosed with and/or at risk of acquiring CTE, Concussion Syndrome, and Traumatic Brain Injuries.
In addition to offering support to mentorship programs geared towards rookie riders with the aim of helping them navigate the business arena and further their skill level in order to succeed as extreme sport athletes.

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