Give Together


Vow4Mal is a local fund dedicated to promoting responsible partying through education and “safe space” events. Beyond not drinking and driving Vow4Mal’s message spreads the importance of peer to peer supervision and interventions. Our organization strives to keep the community safe by encouraging the public to extend assistance in situations that could potentially be harmful; if you see something, say something. We believe by showing love and acting with kindness you could potentially save a life. #ShowLoveSaveLives

Vow4Mal began in December of 2013 when Mallory Rae Dies was hit and killed by a drunk driver in downtown Santa Barbara. Mallory’s friends and family came together to start an organization that encompassed the message to never drink and drive but also spread her loving spirit and magnetic nature.

By giving today you are helping us with education programs at the high school and collegiate level, as well as, creating partnerships with the private, public and nonprofit sectors on this serious issues that has plagued Santa Barbara County. These funds will also help us continue to create unique “safe space” events where attendees all have taken the vow to not drink and drive and adhere to the Vow4Mal code of conduct.

We thank you for giving today and helping Vow4Mal #ShowLoveSaveLives! Please visit for more information.