Give Together


A Call to Action for Our Allies and Friends:

We, the organizers of the Local Justice Alliance, are committed to building a just, equitable, connected and resilient Santa Barbara community.

Our initial goal is to create a BIPOC-advised (Black Indigenous People of Color) association of local Santa Barbara businesses committed to racial equity, and to guide and support those businesses in their efforts through consulting, education and accountability.

We’ll do this by:

  • Offering educational antiracist resources that advance race equity understanding and encourage meaningful action
  • Connecting businesses with racial justice consultants and educators for skillful guidance and support in their efforts
  • Hosting regular community meetings for Alliance members to address complex issues of race and equity together
  • Facilitating dialogue between Alliance members and local BIPOC community leaders
  • Offering holistic racial justice evaluation services along with recommended protocols for integrating changes
  • Providing the accountability and ongoing support required to sustain change
  • Extending a forum for the social emotional learning, restorative justice, targeted consulting and community building efforts needed for a connected and resilient local community

We are seeking initial funding to:

  • Pay our BIPOC advisory team just compensation
  • Establish a functional business membership structure, and
  • Begin the community outreach needed to enroll businesses into the program

For more information visit or email

Thank you for your support. Your contribution will be a meaningful catalyst for this work in our community.

In solidarity,

Natalie Diane, Facilitating Director