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Relief Resources for Ukraine

Relief Resources for Ukraine

[Page updated 4/19/2022] This page will be updated with resources as the events develop.

We cannot ignore senseless acts of violence. We are appalled at the horrendous acts that continue to occur worldwide. We feel it necessary to share what we have shared with our donors to drive additional resources to Ukraine and nearby regions experiencing these unfortunate hardships. Below are some of the organizations that are doing the work to provide relief to Ukraine.


Give to Direct Relief  – Direct Relief’s Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis is a relief effort that works directly with Ukraine’s Minister of Health with regional partners to provide medical aid in the short-term and developing long term of this ongoing conflict. Learn more at

Give to Fight for Right – Fight for Right focuses on disaster relief efforts and currently working to protect people that are differently abled in Ukraine. Their fundraising efforts are through a GoFundMe campaign to start immediate disaster relief efforts to assist the differently-abled community. Learn more at *Note SBF Donor Advised Fundholders, SBF is not able to directly support this organization from a donor-advised fund.

Give to Global Giving – Global Giving is supporting local partners in providing shelter, food, and clean water for refugees, this also includes health and psychosocial support, and access to education and economic assistance. Learn more at

Give to HIAS, Inc. – Hias has been assisting refugees in Ukraine since 2001 and continues its work in partnership with Right to Protection (R2P), a nonprofit agency with several offices across Ukraine to help refugees with legal assistance. Learn more at

Give to International Rescue Committee (IRC) – The International Rescue Committee has worked in several nations experiencing conflict and is active in providing resources in Ukraine. Their work includes health (mobile clinics) and safety. Learn more at

Give to UNICEF  – UNICEF uplifts the child as the ongoing crisis in Ukraine continues. The children involved deserve peace. Learn more at

Give to Unite to Light – Unite to Light has sent 500 solar-charged lights and 500 solar chargers to Ukraine already with hopes to send more. Learn more at

Give to World Central Kitchen – World Central Kitchen has been providing hot and nourishing meals since the conflict began in Ukraine. Now they are expanding their efforts to regional neighbors as refugees flee Ukraine. Learn more at

Give to the World Telehealth Initiative (WTI), located in Goleta, is supporting the people of Ukraine by providing access to healthcare for those in need. In March, WTI shipped eight telehealth devices to Eastern Europe and have amassed over 100 volunteer trauma surgeons and physicians who will provide immediate medical support and direct patient care to hospitalized patients via telehealth. WTI Ukraine-specific information can be found at


As the situation develops we will continue to monitor avenues that provide additional relief to the region and we will vet and update this page accordingly. Please reach out to Judith Smith-Meyer, Director of Communications at the Santa Barbara Foundation (at, should you have any agencies that are not mentioned above to be considered. 

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