Strategic Roadmap 2024-2028

We are pleased to share with you the “Roadmap for our 2024-2028 Strategic Plan,” which SBF Trustees and staff spent the last year developing to refine and strengthen our work to solve our county’s most pressing challenges.

Our mission remains to mobilize collective wisdom and philanthropic capital to build empathetic, inclusive and resilient communities.

SBF’s newly developed vision statement — A Thriving Community for All — captures the ideal future we envision for Santa Barbara County which will guide our day-to-day work over the next five years.

In the Roadmap, you’ll find our three new Strategic Priorities, listed below, and the goals we have established to achieve them.

  1. Express and Embody our Highest Ideals
  2. Invest for Thriving and Resilient Communities
  3. Inspire Charitable Giving Countywide

You’ll also learn about the process we undertook to develop this plan and why we’re so excited about the years ahead, which will culminate with our Centennial Celebration in 2028.