Support Humanitarian Efforts in Israel and Gaza

Relief Resources for Israel and Gaza

[Page updated 10/12/2023] This page will be updated with resources as the events develop.

Thousands of civilians have fallen victim to the recent violent acts of war taking place across Israel and within Gaza. Millions of others are feeling the direct effects within the region and many more are affected from afar. For those of us who are looking to help support aid efforts, we have collected a list of vetted organizations currently working to assist in the conflict zone.




International Committee of the Red Cross  – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is a humanitarian organization with the goal of safeguarding conflict victims and extending aid and assistance. Since 1967, the ICRC has maintained a presence in Israel and the occupied territories. Currently, the organization is seeking contributions to enhance the accessibility of crucial services such as clean water and to bolster livelihood initiatives.

Doctors Without Borders – Doctors Without Borders, an “independent, unbiased, and impartial” charity dedicated to delivering humanitarian assistance to individuals impacted by conflict, disease outbreaks, and both natural and human-made disasters. Doctors Without Borders is contributing to the region by providing medical supplies to hospitals and healthcare facilities, with local personnel delivering surgical and inpatient care.

Save the Children – Save the Children has issued an emergency alert, underscoring the “escalating violence” that has placed 1.2 million children in dire need of humanitarian aid. Save the Children is actively delivering aid to children affected by the attacks, many of whom are exposed to hazardous circumstances and forced displacement.

American Friends of the Parents Circle: Families Forum – American Friends of the Parents Circle – Families Forum (AF-PCFF) is a grassroots organization dedicated to disseminating narratives from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with the U.S. public, with the goal of promoting peace and reconciliation. AF-PCFF provides backing to the Parents Circle-Families Forum, an organization consisting of over 600 Israeli and Palestinian families who have all endured the loss of an immediate family member due to the persistent conflict.


As the situation develops we will continue to monitor avenues that provide additional relief to the region and we will vet and update this page accordingly. Please reach out to Katherine Sanders, Communication Manager at the Santa Barbara Foundation (at, should you have any agencies that are not mentioned above to be considered. 

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