Our Vulnerable Populations

The Santa Barbara Foundation has recently gone through a two-year process to understand how we can have the greatest impact on solving our county’s most crucial problems. We determined that over the next five years (2018-2023) our Strategic Priorities will include a heightened commitment to supporting our most vulnerable populations, by addressing basic human needs. We will also invest in finding creative solutions to problems that impede working families.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting these Strategic Priorities:

Strengthening Community

We believe that an essential measure of the empathy of a community – as well as an important determinant of its resilience – is how it treats its most vulnerable residents. The Foundation is committed to strengthening and augmenting the safety net throughout the county while helping to build more purposeful pathways for everyone to have a fair opportunity to succeed.

The Santa Barbara Foundation invites you to help us care for those who struggle.

Our Community Grant Program strengthens and augments the safety net for our most vulnerable populations by funding programs that improve the delivery of quality healthcare, address food insecurity, build capacity for mental health services and strengthen homelessness programs and resources. Let’s create strong, healthy communities together.