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Leadership Development

Organizations stand on three critical legs: strategy, capital, and leadership.  As a result, leadership can make or break an organization. Leadership in the nonprofit sector presents a specific set of challenges and therefore requires a unique set of skills. Leadership development training can be key to growing nonprofit core competencies among board members, staff and volunteers. The following are a few select leadership development resources we encourage your organization to consider.

African American Board Leadership Institute (AABLI)
AABLI strengthens nonprofit, public and private organizations through recruiting, preparing and assisting with the placement of African Americans on a broad range of governing boards.

Antioch University – Women in Leadership Certificate
This is a virtual program coordinated by Antioch University targeting women in early to mid-level management/leadership roles seeking an opportunity to self-assess and be provided feedback on their leadership abilities, deepen their skills and self-confidence, build strong networks of support, and plan a career path for the future in the context of social change.

Center for Nonprofit Leadership at Cal Lutheran University
As the only management training center of its kind in Ventura County, the Center has earned a reputation as the one-stop source for excellence in nonprofit leadership. It is the one place in Ventura County that provides a comprehensive approach to sustaining nonprofit-specific organizational and leadership development.

Latinos LEAD 
Latinos LEAD seeks to increase Latino participation as leaders in the nonprofit sector by providing nonprofit governance training, governing board member recruiting, and by positioning nonprofit organizations to attract and retain strong Latino governing board candidates

Leading From Within
Leading From Within fosters a dynamic network of public-minded leaders who know each other, trust each other, and are better able to work together to improve our communities. This investment better ensures that leaders can address some of society’s more persistent challenges.

LEAP (Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics) 
LEAP is a national, nonprofit organization, with a mission to achieve full participation and equality for Asian and Pacific Islanders (APIs) through leadership, empowerment, and policy.

Rockwood Leadership Institute
Since 2000, Rockwood Leadership Institute has provided thousands of social change leaders across the globe with tools and skills to help change themselves, their communities, and the world.