Employee Philanthropy

Create a Culture of Philanthropy on Your Team

You want to see your employees succeed in their work, in their lives, and as citizens of their communities. At the Santa Barbara Foundation, we believe that everyone can be a philanthropist. We offer several ways for your business to support employee giving.

Philanthropic Advising
Offer your employees the benefit of a one-on-one meeting with our expert Philanthropic Advisors. We can help them maximize their tax benefits and support their favorite causes strategically with customized philanthropic plans, no matter how simple or complex their charitable goals.

Payroll Deductions
Payroll deduction donations provide your employees with a convenient way to support nonprofit organizations. Gifts can be made to the Santa Barbara Foundation’s areas of greatest needs or to your business’s Field of Interest Fund (FOI) or Corporate Advised Fund (CAF).

Matching Gifts
Support your employees’ philanthropic gifts by offering a matching gift. This tool can be used to support your Field of Interest Fund (FOI), Corporate Advised Fund (CAF) or to support the Santa Barbara Foundation’s work in our county.

Educational Sessions and Tours
The Santa Barbara Foundation is an expert on philanthropy in Santa Barbara County. We are pleased to offer educations sessions and tours to give your team insight into the issue areas affecting our county and the organizations working to solve them.

Schedule a Conversation

Whether you’d like to utilize all of these strategies, just one, or have something else in mind, we’re here to help. The Santa Barbara Foundation can help you create a customized philanthropic plan that incorporates your team. Contact us to schedule a conversation.