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Community Trauma Care

Once again, Santa Barbara was hit by another disaster when dozens were caught in an horrific boat fire off Santa Cruz Island. Family, friends and neighbors have been suddenly and profoundly traumatized by pain and loss difficult to imagine.

These losses tend to accrue, exacerbating the damage to hearts, minds and bodies. After the Thomas Fire and debris flows in Montecito, a group of community members brought in Dr. Fred Shotz, a nationally respected expert in trauma from Maine, to help residents effected by the disasters. Community Trauma Care, a fiscally sponsored program of the Santa Barbara Foundation, was formed to provide cutting-edge therapies on a continuing basis. Community Trauma Care’s mission is to address stress, anxiety, and PTSD with highly successful treatment protocols, not currently available in our area.

Anyone in Santa Barbara County, can be seen by CTC for trauma resulting from disasters, accidents, and any form of abuse, including those resulting from emotional, physical and substance-related causes. CTC’s unique neurological technique requires little talking, and remarkably rapid results.

We are asking for funds to bring Dr. Shotz back to Santa Barbara to treat those that have been traumatized, without charge, as soon as possible.

Thank you for any amount you are able to contribute. We will keep you updated on his arrival, and the successes.