Santa Barbara Agriculture and Farm Education Foundation

We need your help!
Emergencies happen. It’s hard for us to believe that not every child has access to nutritious food. We’re here to help. To accomplish the goals of feeding food desert areas and veterans of Santa Barbara County, we’re pursuing a $3 million capital campaign to prepare the Sweet Wheel Summerland Farm for full use. We’re excited to implement a farm education area, farmer bike path, super ecologically-sensitive solutions for energy and water, emergency grain storage, and more, but we need your help.

Collaborate with us
Santa Barbara Agriculture and Farm Education Foundation (SBAFE Foundation) is a local non-profit. Our mission is to educate, promote and increase awareness on how our food is grown, propagated and distributed to minors, under served, unrecognized and fragile populations par-ticularly in the food desert areas of Santa Barbara County. To donate food to those in need sup-porting individuals and other charitable organizations with natural and organically farmed prod-ucts. The Summerland Sweet Wheel Farm will be a place to preserve, protect and enhance life and spirit through organic farming and green space.

Multiply our Impact
We promote food security, community, and farm education among local populations, including schools and Santa Barbara County veterans.

SBAFE Foundation acts as the local food bank for pockets in Santa Barbara County that the food bank deems too small to donate to. In areas like Summerland, before our foundation, resi-dents with transportation, medical, or financial barriers had no local access to whole, nutritious food. SBAFE Foundation changed that. Every week, we donate organic fruits and vegetables to 10 local families a week; supply Adam’s Angels weekly food for 40; supply fresh food for weekly veterans breakfasts, and are the main nonprofit that will prepare, serve and donate 600 meals each Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas to veterans at the Santa Barbara County Vet-erans Memorial Building.

We do this while demonstrating regenerative agriculture techniques, from using non-genetically modified seeds to implementing innovative Warka towers to capture moisture from the air for sustainable irrigation.

Meanwhile, SBAFE Foundation’s farm education curriculum educates the next generation of Santa Barbara County Farmers. We teach children the skills needed to propagate, graft, and grow, increasing their sense of confidence, competence, and community.

Develop the Sweet Wheel Summerland Farm
The Sweet Wheel Summerland Farm will allow the SBAFE Foundation to continue and multiply our nutritional and environmental affects on the community. It is SBAFE Foundation’s vision to keep this a working community farm, green belt fire break, educational asset, and a nutritional resource for community members and the Santa Barbara County Veterans. This project is criti-cal because the farm represents both the last local open space, and the only farm feeding citi-zens in this area and other areas of the county.