Organic Soup Kitchen Expands Services During COVID-19

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Our nonprofit sector is working long hours to meet community needs during this incredibly challenging time. To avoid burdening our grant recipients further with interview requests, we are providing the following stories of several nonprofit response efforts. We hope to showcase more of our nonprofits’ incredible work through additional articles on our website at a later date.


The Organic Soup Kitchen (OSK) takes every precaution as they prepare and deliver delicious, nutricious soup to elderly clients and those recovering from cancer.

Our senior community is extremely vulnerable to contracting COVID-19, and older individuals are more likely to experience life-threatening symptoms. Government and health officials urge seniors to stay home as much as possible and take social distancing measures seriously. As a result, many seniors are afraid to make trips to the grocery store to pick up food and supplies because it may put them at risk of contracting the potentially deadly virus.

Fortunately, the Organic Soup Kitchen (OSK) is stepping up to deliver fresh, nutritious soups to as many seniors as they can during this difficult time. OSK has been delivering nutrient dense, organic soups to low-income families, elderly individuals, cancer and immunocompromised patients, and the homeless for nearly a decade. Their product is vegan, gluten-free and made with a minimum of 90% organic vegetables and herbs. Each soup is hermetically sealed in BPA-free packaging and delivered safely to the doorsteps of each client.

“Our Soup Meals are formulated to build strong immune systems,” said OSK Executive Director, Anthony Carroccio. ”That’s exactly what people need to fight this scary and highly contagious virus.”

“We will do whatever it takes to take care of our clients and the community. We will never turn anyone away,” said OSK Chief Operating Officer, Andrea Slaby.

The OSK has increased its service to the Santa Barbara community in response to the concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as with many other nonprofits that are experiencing a rise in demand for their services, operating under crisis conditions with a small staff is challenging.

“We are working long hours to handle all the intake and ordering and production with just three people. However, we still have 20 delivery drivers,” said Carroccio. “The grant from the Santa Barbara Foundation has been extremely helpful – however, we are receiving ongoing requests for service and the unknown is a little challenging. Our plan is to keep a reserve of funding for a minimum 8 months out, but our fear is the coronavirus will cut into our planned budget.”

The Organic Soup Kitchen is currently seeking donations to ensure they can continue to meet the rapidly growing demand for Soup Meal delivery in Santa Barbara County. To support OSK, please visit:

For information about Soup Meal delivery please contact: or 805-364-2790.

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