County Connections

Be a Catalyst for Change

The fall 2019 edition of our County Connections Report is focused on the importance of working together to “Be a Catalyst for Change.” The Santa Barbara Foundation, in partnership with our donors, serves as a catalyst for change across our county by cultivating leadership, promoting innovation, fostering collaborations, and advocating for the needs of our residents. Learn how you can join us in our work to catalyze change for Santa Barbara County!

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We Advocate: Working Towards Affordable & Quality Child Care

By Kara Shoemaker

Due to high child poverty rates, many children in Santa Barbara County are not receiving the quality child care they need to ensure kindergarten readiness and lifelong success. Learn about our child care advocacy work that has been critical to addressing this issue.

We Convene: Bringing People Together for an Accurate 2020 Census Count 

By Kara Shoemaker

The 2020 Census is right around the corner, and Santa Barbara County is at risk of losing millions in funding if individuals are not counted accurately. As a convener, we are bringing together all the right groups and people to ensure that every person in our county is represented in the Census.

We Partner: “Triumph of Community” Speeds Protections for Montecito

By Dean Zatkowsky (Contributor)

The Partnership for Resilient Communities (TPRC) responded to the 1/9 Debris Flow by acting to limit the risk of similar disasters in the future. By partnering with SBF, TPRC was able to successfully expedite the process of installing six Ring Nets in the Montecito backcounty.

We Care: Two Years Later, SBF Continues to Support Disaster Survivors

By Sam Waterstone

It has been nearly two years since the 1/9 Debris Flow that took 23 lives and devastated our community, but there are still survivors in need of support. Read about the Santa Barbara Foundation’s commitment to community long-term recovery.

We Invest: More Than Just a Grantmaking Committee

By Kara Shoemaker

A community-led Grantmaking Committee awarded over $700,000 to 17 nonprofit organizations through the Foundation’s Health Care & Behavioral Health Care Grant Program. Learn about the challenges and successes of the program from members of the committee.